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Surprise Christmas Wildlife

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Surprise Christmas Wildlife

Peek A Boo


Look directly BELOW the plastic snow man....LOL

Look at who came to investigate the neighbors Christmas Display. This deer walked up to each of those white mechanical deer, the kid that the heads move back and forth and are all lit up.

I still can't believe I witnessed this tonight.

Aquila (not verified)
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Oh Ms Charlie, that is so adorable! I bet you felt like you were given a very "Special" Christmas present!

Debby (not verified)
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Great pics, Ms C. Bet you felt like you were in the bush on safari...lol.

Ms Charlie (not verified)
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This was so funny. Of all the houses it ran to. Man I was covered in mud. But it was worth it....LOL. I scared the heck out of the neighbor as I jumped his fence and he looked out his window at this crazy lady snapping pic's of his yard. At first he thought I was just taking pic's of his display, he opened the window and asked what I was doing, stupid me said, you have Rudolph in your yard...rofl rofl...big mistake..he thought I was nuts...then he came out on his porch, and when he saw what i was taking pictures of, he laughed himself silly and ran and got his camera.

What a night...lol


Now wait a minute. What is that plastic Reindeer Santa has tied to his sleigh. hey, I'm available.....Smiling

Can you see me. I'm right below the Santa Sleigh and my eyes are two white dots from the flash of this crazy womans camera.....LOL.

Up Up and Away...On Prancer, on Cupid, On Vixen....LOL

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