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Table Mountian

Quick Facts

  • Where: Cape Town Table Bay
  • What: Cape Town Table Mountain
  • When: Throughout the Year
  • Cam: Refresh 10 Mins

Best Picture

cape town 1

Location and subject
The cam is located across Table Bay on Sun Set Beach at the Sun Set Beach House and has a superb view of Cape Town, and Table Mountain which is a landmark and tourist attraction. Table mountain stands 1086m above see level and offers travelers a wide view down onto Cape Town and the surrounding areas. To the right of Table Mountain are two smaller hills, the sharp conical peak is known as Lion’s head with Signal Hill in front of it. Signal Hill derives its name from the time when it was used as a semaphore post for communication with ships at sea. It is from here that the noon cannon is still fired every day. To the Left of Table Mountain is Devil´s Peak, that as the story goes got its name from a pirate that once lived on the slopes of the peak in the early 18th century. Table Mountain is home to a rich fauna and flora, many species of which are endemic and survive only in the unique ecosystem which is contained on the mountain. There are approximately 1470 species of plants, including over 250 different species of dassies on Table Mountain. It is also home to the rare Table Mountain Ghost Frog which is found no where else in the world. The cam is refreshed every 10 minutes.