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Tall and Handsome

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Tall and Handsome

Did you happen to catch the view of the giraffes that visited Nkorho Pan early Thursday morning? Three females, one of which was pregnant, and a male all came to get a drink while it was quiet and peaceful, the only sounds around were the morning birds.  The male was very dark in color, indicating he was quite a bit older than the females.  Rumor has it that while we can’t hear any sounds from the giraffe, labeling him as mute, many think they can speak on a infrasound level. 
Giraffes only have two gaits...walk and run.  They walk with the unusual step of both left legs moving at the same time and both right legs the same, and when they run, their back legs overlap on the outside of the front pair. Being as tall as they are, running is used when necessary but can’t be done for very long.
Their heart alone can weigh close to 10 kg/24 lbs, and when an adult male raises his head, he’s lifting about 250 kg/550 lbs., the combined weight of his head and neck. Their tongue is dark on the end to help protect it from the sun as it reaches around the thorns on the acacia bushes to get to those succulent leaves, one of their favorite plants. On average, an adult giraffe eats 63kg/140 lb of food a day.  Now that’s a lot of little tiny leaves.  Take a peek at the beauty of these giants...



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Thank you for confirming one

Thank you for confirming one gorgeous girl is pregnant.  

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I saw a national geographic

I saw a national geographic special on how giraffes communicate

they found that when they toss their head back they emit a low

grunt that the other giraffes clearly responded to.Cool

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