Lights are not working on the Tembe cam. - we are working on the problem.

Tembe Elephant Cam - Blank?

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Tembe Elephant Cam - Blank?

Hi All - Kim here just watching in Iraq. Is the Tembe Elephant park cam down or is it just me???

Thanks for any answers Smiling

marcel01 (not verified)
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For things like that look here.

kimndanger (not verified)
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Thanks Ceri and Susanne Smiling - that is only of two cams that i can get up and running the sooner it is fixed the better Smiling

 Thanks for the quick response Smiling

Susanne (not verified)
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Hi kim,

the cam is down




again too slow *lol*

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Kim, I don't have image on that cam either. It's not only you.

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