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Test your Knowledge.

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Test your Knowledge.

1. What height is a male giraffe(answer in feet) and what can it weigh up too(answer in pounds)

2. How long can the giraffe extend its tongue out (answer in inches please)?

3. What is the Scientific name for a spotted hyena?

4. Average life span of a wildebeest?

5. Gestation period of a burchell's zebra?

6. life span of a cheetah?

7. what do they say a nyala alarm sounds is like?

8. Are all female lions related in a pride true or false?

9. what are light colored with distinctive dark spots called on a lepored?

10. are elephants still the biggest land animal?

Thank you for taking the quix hope you enjoy

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No 1: 14-15 feet 1750-2800 pounds all approx
No 2: 21 inch approx
No 3: Crocuta Crocuta
No 4: 20 years average
No 5: 12 month +/-
No 6: 10-12 years average
No 7: They bark so a dogish
No 8: This is true
No 9: Rosettes
No 10: African Elephant is so yes.

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