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THANK YOU Admin...for Resizing EP Cam View

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THANK YOU Admin...for Resizing EP Cam View

Hi Jon(Admin) and Campbell(Africam),

I wanted to personally send out a GIANT THANKS to the both of you for changing the EP Cam View back to it's original size. As soon as I reopened it after it went down, it was like a HUGE relief of stress for me.

MANY THANKS for working towards improving our viewing and cam addictions there too.

Sending you both a big ole mushy hug!!!


karen-inVA (not verified)
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Hi Katja,
Thank you so much for letting us know what happened, it is truly appreciated. And I am once again very happy and thankful that it is back to the smaller view size. Smiling
I do hope it has helped the others that had been effected.

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Joined: Feb 17 2006

karen-inVA wrote:
Well it was great while it lasted a few days. After EP Cam was reset due to a power cut on Friday, it is back to the BIGGER view size again. Sad Oh well...

Sorry, it was a glitch in the system.

It's back to the smaller size (440 x 300) now.

dolly7530 (not verified)
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 I Wish there was a way we could resize our own cams. Both cams are to big ..This is why i will stick to players ...if i can't resize them i won't watch them .Thanks for GIVING US  the pleasure to watch your part of the world ..

karen-inVA (not verified)
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Well it was great while it lasted a few days.
After EP Cam was reset due to a power cut on Friday, it is back to the BIGGER view size again. Sad
Oh well... guess "some of us" can only hope it gets reset again.
It seems that not every viewer is effected by this, but some are saying they can no longer view EP "AT ALL" after these size changes occur either.

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Joined: Dec 31 2006

Can you imagine why anyone would volunteer to do this?>?????

karen-inVA (not verified)
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I'm sorry... I would also like to add a BIG THANK YOU to our Mods for being the ones that receive our complaints and relay them on to the Head Haunchos.

Auntie Lyn (not verified)
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Jon and Campbell, I want to add my thanks to Karen and Tourneyman1's above for the restoring of the cam to it's original resolution. It makes a big difference on the capturing of video and pictures. Is there an IR light out there? Perhaps we could take up a collection to fix it or add an additional light to the right of the waterhole?

Thanks again for all you do for us. Smiling

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Joined: Jan 15 2008

yes I second the thanks, it also makes it much easier to watch both cams at the same time and the forum with it this size Smiling There is something still that seems to be blurring the right side for some reason but now I do get same view if full screen or not.


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