Tembe cam has no audio and Nkorho cam is down. We are working on a solution. Thank you for your patience

Thank you Jon/Admin and Africam

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Thank you Jon/Admin and Africam

Logged on today, had lions at the Djuma cam and postings were going a mile a minute, at the same time, had Nkorho up with first Buffalo invasions times 2 and then the gorgeous leopard and again the boma was going a mile a minute with posts!

Not a snag was seen by me. Very quickly the comment box would appear, I could write what I was seeing, and then hit send, and quickly it would be there!

Thank you Jon, for putting up with our frustrations the other night, for you and Campbell experiencing what it was like to try to post, and then taking what you were able to figure out and fix it. My hat's off to Africam!

owlsatdawn (not verified)
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Me too!  Me too!!  No errors and no wonkies.  This must have been a big endeavor for the Africam team, and we appreciate all your hard work!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  Now I have to get used to NOT refreshing my page twice to get back to where I was!  LOL!

Lady in Michigan (not verified)
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Thanks here from me also !  And today my 403 error disappeared  Smile

ex-centric (not verified)
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Adding my thanks for the great job getting the forum and cam working like clockwork!!!

GiGisMom (not verified)
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Thank you!! Forum is running smooth as silk!!

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Joined: Apr 28 2007

Congrats Africam you looked at the problem and came up with solution. Thank You




Swift (not verified)
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Just "jumping around" in the Boma and it is going realy fine!

Thanks for alll the hard work 

Happy cammer and poster !

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Joined: Feb 18 2006

Really Boma and cam are running fine ...even with mine slow connection ....That is great ...Thanks Africam ...for this ...and Thanks to the person who was today behind the cam ....!!!! at our first 24h big five show!!!!!!!Smile

dolly7530 (not verified)
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i would like to say thanks for getting me unblocked from this site for 3 days ..i want threw everything ..even emptyed my computer and started all over to find out i was still blocked ...so last evening about 7 o' clock i tryed to hook up with this site and about fell off my chair ..thank you gerda!!!! ..thanks africam you don't even wanSmilet to hear how i felt for 3 days not being able to log in...hi ladys CrySmile

Tabs (not verified)
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I haven't had time to log-in or watch the cams today (seems like I missed some great viewing) but I would also like to add my thanks to the Africam Crew for their continual hard work and dedication in trying to keep the site working well for everyone - not just today, but every day.

Well done you guys!

Gerda (not verified)
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I agree with Lyn, thanks for all the hard work behind the scenes !


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