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The Adventures of Ranger Campbell - Out of Africa -

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The Adventures of Ranger Campbell - Out of Africa -

The adventures of Ranger Campbell

~ Out of Africa ~

4 december 2007

LIVE on Africam from Elephant Plains !


Keep your eyes and ears pealed Smiling


azlady13 (not verified)
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I have my tea, notepad and pen, batteries, camera is ready, cleaned my trifocals, and as soon as I get back from taking the kids to the bus, my feet will be up and fingers poised over the keyboard!

azlady13 (not verified)
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The broadcast was fantastic!  Thank you very much to everyone that made it possible!

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Auntie Lyn wrote:

Campbell's interview on CKNW Radio here


You can download the mp3 file from here for the next 7 days.

Broadcast Campbell Scott 3December, 2007

Thanks so much Auntie Lyn!  I couldn't get the radio to open at all, it was driving me crazy!


Sungura (not verified)
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Wild Dog Questions:

I understand the dogs have been seen near Nkorho recently.  Have any of the Nkorho Lodge guests had the good fortune to see them?  What is the history of the presence of the Wild Dog in this area?  And can we put out a big bowl of kibble by the WH to bring them in?  (Either that or bring in Tico McNutt to find them for us.)  Eye-wink

Auntie Lyn (not verified)
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Campbell's interview on CKNW Radio here


You can download the mp3 file from here for the next 7 days.

Broadcast Campbell Scott 3December, 2007

dolly7530 (not verified)
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Mr. campbell i'm not sure if you answered this the first time..what kind of animals eat baboons or what is the reason for them screaming and yelling ? more please !! we use to have rhino's come to water hole ..are they gone out of area ?

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The hippo is considered  to be the most dangerous animal in Africa.  Why is this and do you find them at EP?



miami_heat (not verified)
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Will we see frequently lions  and other predators ?

miami_heat (not verified)
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WOW good question's karen Smiling please tommorow send me this answers please please please Smiling

karen-inVA (not verified)
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Questions about the Animals over at Elephant Plains mainly


1. It was said in the latest Newsletter that Karula's cubs were seen close enough to be sexed. Is it "possitively confirmed" that they are both female?

2. What can you tell us about the Leopards that mainly travel around EP?

3. Matimba (son of Safari) is sighted often. Does any one know much about the older Matimba, the son of Saseke said to be around 7 yrs. old?

4. How many leopards around EP would you describe as "massive or extremely" large in size? and what are their names?

5. White Cloth - could you tell us where exactly her last son was killed back on June 29th?

*6. White Cloth - also had a son from her 1st "recorded" litters that I have found in different sighting reports. He and his sister The Matshipiri Female are said to be around 7 years old. I see sightings of Matshipiri but have found nothing on the male since he was sent out on his own about 5 years ago. Does any one know if he is still alive and possibly be called by a new name as he hopefully established his own territory?

7. Can you give us any info on The Newington Male or as I have also seen him called Pink Nose?



1. Mapogo Males - in recent sightings reports only 5 males are being seen. I have heard conflicting stories if the 6th one was killed by a crocodile. Can you confirm the most recent sighting of all 6 males together?

2. Tsalala Pride - when months ago while there were still 4 cubs, one of the lioness had what seemed to be a pretty bad injury to her foot as she was limping badly. I was just wondering if she has recovered fully from it.

3. Robson's Male - has he been seen hanging around with any females lately?

4. Rollercoaster Male - is he doing ok now after being attacked by the Eyrefield Females? Have they accepted him back in again?

5. Styx Females - recently 3 were seen with suckle marks, have any of the cubs been seen yet? Do you have any idea who the father(s) could be?



Thank goodness the legendary Utah was found to be alive and not the decomposed rhino that it was thought to be not long ago.

1. Utah and Londoz - could they possibly be any of the male rhinos we have seen come to Nkorho waterhole?

2. how old are they thought to be?



1. Are there any crocodiles at EP?



1. How many known hyaena dens are there at EP, and what roads or areas are they near?


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