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The Boma Babbles #23 March 2011

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The Boma Babbles #23 March 2011

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Africam Issue #23 March 2011
Tembe Upgrades Continue

Our new LIVE streaming camera at Tembe has proven to be an excellent location. Since its initial upgrade we have seen multiple sightings of lion, elepehant and rhino. In the last few weeks we have improved the resolution, color and accuracy of motion with the cam. We have also installed a new sound system close to the waterhole itself for an added dimension to the experience. We are currently working on installing night vision at the site, and this much anticipated element should be up and running very soon.

Lion Blog
Why Was He All Alone?

A recent sighting of a lone young male lion around the Nkorho Pan brought a question with him...why was he alone? This young male had been chased out of his pride by a known male coalition. We spotted him wandering, hoping to find his pride before the coalition found him again. These coalitions will battle it out with others to establish dominance over a READ MORE OF THIS STORY

Cheetah at Nkorho
Cheetah Visit at Nkorho

We will never get over seeing cheetahs on our cameras. In fact, we almost do a double take when one appears. The animals are extremely endangered and their are very few in this region. This particular sighting happened at Nkorho Pan, and luckily it was quite a long visit. Enjoy the video, if you missed it LIVE.

Lion Video
Breakfast In Bed

This particular video highlight occurred while the sound at Tembe was under repair, but it was so amazing we had to tell you about it. A pride of lions relaxing in the morning under a tree suddenly found a buck wandering over to them. One lioness went into an attack position, and waited to make her move. Very cool sighting at Tembe....check it out.

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