The Boma chit-chat forum Thursday 8 March 2012

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Thursday 8  March  2012

Please note the cams you are talking about, NK for Nkorho,EP for Elephant Plains, TE for Tembe.

Cam Pics from yesterday (Mavis-Tourneyman1-Geschu-Mavis) more  here

Africam: We will keep the cameras away from rhino for all our cameras. Please respect the decisions of Zoomies when u think there may be some critter around but the camera is not moving there. Thanks for your consideration.     Happy  camming!!!!!!

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Probably a Red Duiker just

Probably a Red Duiker just at TE since it was alone and they are common in the area Smiling.  Full moon tonight makes viewing wonderful.  No word from Admin on NK/EP yet.


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NK/EP down and reported

NK/EP down and reported


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Nyala bulls displaying for

Nyala bulls displaying for each other at EP. Egyptian goose family at TE.


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Good day all Thanks for the

Good day all Smiling

Thanks for the great pics and raffies pics Smiling I have a hard work day, and i become this and next week not a free day Sad. I have then a 6 day's week from 3am-4pm. I'm happy, i become one week holiday, the last week on this month Smiling

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Hi everyone.  Nice and

Hi everyone.  Nice and peaceful at all 3 cams.  Wildies at TE and just bird sounds at NK & EP.  Smiling


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Hello Folks hope all is

Hello Folks hope all is well. Some nice pictures thank for all for posting. I have not had chance to peek at cams today so busy and a mare day. Penny wil chat with you laterSmile and ty.

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Its lovely watching the

Its lovely watching the oxpecker with the young impala at NK Smiling

Lots of interesting elephant interaction at Tembe with young males sparring.

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hallo Penny.Good 

hallo Penny.

Good  sightings  at  Te -  different kind  of animals  at  the  same  time.with  Isilo  and  Mkadebona -  Great

ep has  zebra   and  impala's

NK  impala's too


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Morning everyone and hi

Morning everyone and hi Hanneke.  The giraffes left TE in a hurry a short while ago - maybe an elephant chased them?

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good  morning

Mkadebona    --elephant    at  te

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