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The Evil Greed of Man (no pix)

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The Evil Greed of Man (no pix)

one of the precious animals has been poached.  my first reaction is eye for an eye, and while many feel it's a step too far... i do not.

People feel bad and say the poacher is just trying to feed his/her family.  the fault lies in the buyers.  I agree there should be NO MARKET for these sort of things.

however since when is being hungry an excuse to break the law?

i'm with those who think it should be ok to put a price on the head of the poachers and let them be hunted for greed.

if the head of a paocher is more than a poached animal part, then who do you think will be more hunted?

If it is the greed of man who determines who lives or dies... maybe we need someone else controlling what's worth what.


animals are people too.  yes they are.  we're all mammals.


for anyone thinking we're better, i challenge to take your unarmed self to the congo and stay alive by just your wits for 6 months.  you say it puts you at an unfair disadvantage being unarmed?  well if you want us to attach lasers to the heads of wildlife and otherwise arm them so it's an even playing field... there's something wrong with you.


anyway i am angry, and i couldn't just stand silent.

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I also am very angry and

I also am very angry and agree with your words 1000%

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