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The poll

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Joined: Feb 18 2006
The poll

Please correct the poll at the first page ..." Rate the new site"

The votes are now 130 not 121 ...This is the reason the total results are 107 % !!!!!!!!Laughing

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Joined: Feb 17 2006

Freda, the poll is on the main page at www.africam.com .

Freda (not verified)
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If I had the slightest chance of finding this poll I would vote to bring back the old format. (Hope that is what the poll is asking)

Believe me I have spent an hour trying to find it and finally gave up Cry

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Joined: Apr 23 2007

ahem..yes, these numbers dont add up...



Africam Drupal Admin Test of Change

Aquila (not verified)
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LOL I mentioned this in a thread last night.  Couldn't figure out why the percentages and the total votes didn't add up. 

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