The Truth About Rhino Poaching: An Interview With Dr. Joseph Okori

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The Truth About Rhino Poaching: An Interview With Dr. Joseph Okori in partnership with 2oceansvibe radio secured an interview with one of the world's leading experts on the rhino poaching crisis, Dr. Joseph Okori.

We are all aware of the rhino poaching epidemic that is threatening the extinction of these magnificent animals. Gruesome pictures and stories have appeared on and offline creating great hype and resulting in many myths and misconceptions flying around.

Through our online community we gathered questions from around the world about this current crisis that were answered in a radio interview by one of the worlds leading experts, Dr. Joseph Okori from the WWF (World Wildlife Federation) African Rhino Project. Dr. Okori gave us an insight into the current poaching situation and what is being done on many levels to combat it. He further answered questions on where the demand for rhino horn is coming from and what YOU can do to help.

Africam asks you to do your part on Rhino Day to help save the rhinos by listening to this interview and getting the real facts about rhino poaching. Only once we know what the true facts are can we stand together and help win the battle against poachers.


Interview Excerpts

"What we are seeing is the myth that rhino horn has medicinal properties, specifically a cure for cancer. This is a myth, and it's completely false and its what's driving the demand for rhino horn in Asia."

"The people on the street should raise their voice and say, "Tomorrow we want to see numbers (rhinos being poached) drop significantly""

-Dr. Joseph Okori

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