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The blue forest

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The blue forest


The Blue Forest

This morning it was time for a walk in the woods !

I live near the Zoniën Forest and often go there for a walk and look for birds that are at the lakes.

But today I didn't look for birds. Around April/May in some parts, the floor of the forest is transformed into a wonderful blue carpet.


It's the time of the year that "The Common bluebell Hyacinthoides non-scripta are flowering.


Unfortunately this wonderful scene lasts only a few weeks...





After walking true the blue carpet I went for my usual walk around the lakes and this squirrel was hopping past...


As much as I love birds, the feeling isn't mutual... most of the time the birds all fly off when they see me-and-my-camera.

This  Canada goose didn't fly off... it's just ran away as quickly as it could ! Laughing


And the Egyptian goose jumped into the deep...


The grey heron landed close to me, saw me and guess what.. it flew off,  but this time I did get a shot before it did !


and finally this Eurasian Coot was being very kind to me and stayed on his nest.



All I can say is that today was a colourful day !


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Great great ...great

Great great ...great ..photos Gerda ...!!!!


Click more often on your camera ..You caught the moments ...not only the birds !!!

Wonderful ...

Enjoy the spring Smiling

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Wow!! Great shot of the

Wow!! Great shot of the Canadian Goose in action. Loved them all, but especially the coot. Thanks for sharing.


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Absolutely gorgeous pics

Absolutely gorgeous pics Gerda, such a beautiful forest too.  Love the bird and animal pics.  My dad lives in the country and he also has a blue bell type flower very similar to your.  I have never seen so many in one spot though.  Thanks for sharing,

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Oh my gosh Gerda, you live

Oh my gosh Gerda, you live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Those flowers are such an amazing color, and the picture of the single flower shows how perfect it is even by itself.   Thanks for sharing, those are gorgeous. I am envious of your "walks"...wow.

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