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The Boma Babbles #21 December 2010

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The Boma Babbles #21 December 2010

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Africam Issue #21 December 2010
Happy Holidays from Africam
Happy Holidays from AFRICAM

The holidays are a joyous time around the world and Africam wants to take this opportunity to wish all of its users and their families a happy holiday season. We have enjoyed another fine year with all of you, and are extremely excited about what the new year may have in store for Africam. We have a great deal of surprises planned for all of you so make sure to stay tuned.

Tembe Cam
The Big Tuskers are Coming

We are pleased to announce that this month we will begin rolling out the long awaited upgrades to the Tembe Elephant Live Streaming Camera. As you know, because of the remote locations of our cameras these upgrades are never simple, but we are confident that the new system is going to be a massive improvement. We will begin the process by installing a new camera and upgrading the bandwidth capabilities of the site. Next of course will be sound to give that extra dimension to the experience. Finally, we'll install the IR light capabilites which will allow Tembe to have full night vision. We are very excited about this new project and look forward to sharing the new Tembe experience with all of you.

Sassabuck Tribute
Sometimes A Glance is All We Need

Africam - a large family of people from many countries, languages, and beliefs. This often presents a challenge when a writer sits with a pen and a thought, debating how a story should be shared. I find myself in just that dilemma as I wander through the archives of Africam, scanning the names of the dedicated folks that took the time to record, edit, and submit many of the touching and amazing moments from the cams. Some of these folks have come and gone, others have become a part of Africam. They are people we expect to always be here when we settle in for a visit.

This past month, we lost a dear and treasured member of our Africam family, Mr. Morris Butts, known to us as Sassabuck. He was “A true southwestern gentleman”, said a friend when remembering his quiet and honorable ways. Its funny how we can know someone without ever looking in their eyes.  I see his nickname all over Africam as I move from page to page, searching for something to add to my writing. It doesn't take me long to

Leopard Video
A Leopard Goes Fishing

Just a few days ago we had an excellent leopard sighting at Elephant Plains. Catching a glimpse of one of these stealthy cats during the daytime is always a treat. On this particular occasion, the leopard tried its luck in the waterhole. We are pretty sure its the first fishing leopard we've had on camera. Check out the link for the video highlight.

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