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The Boma Babbles #22 January2011

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The Boma Babbles #22 January2011

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Africam Issue #22 January 2011
Africam Upgrade Coming Soon
Site Enhancements Coming Soon

The new year has arrived and Africam has big plans on the horizon. First of which will be some enhancements to the current website structure. We are confident that this new layout will help our community enjoy the Africam experience even more. Changes should begin rolling out in the next few weeks so stay tuned!

Tembe Cam
Tembe Streaming Cam Launch

The new Tembe LIVE streaming cam is up and running. Just like our other cameras it is also in a very remote location which makes the logistics very challenging. There are many more additions to the upgrade planned in the very near future which include higher resolution and cam quality, enhanced sound and of course night vision. Our team is working around the clock to improve Tembe and make certain it is the quality LIVE wildlife experience that our community has come to expect from Africam.

White Rhino Video
White Rhino at Elephant Plains

We have seen some fantastic rhino sightings lately at multiple locations including the new Tembe cam. These truly prehistoric looking creatures are an amazing sight. Here's a recent video of a white rhino from the Elephant Plains camera. Enjoy!

Wild Dogs at Tembe
A Wild Dog ReBoot

Wildlife ACT has reintroduced a pack of wild dogs into the Tembe Elephant Park. There have been no wild dogs in this area for approximately the last 100 years, so this is quite a special event. We are hoping that they will make an appearance soon on the new Tembe streaming cam, so that everyone around the world can see first hand this brilliant addition to the park. Check out Wildlife ACT's Facebook page for updates on the Tembe wild dogs and all their other wildlife conservation efforts.

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thank uou for introducing

thank uou for introducing the wild dogs back into the park.

I think there was a sighting of them recently?

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