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The Boma Babbles #6 September 2009

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The Boma Babbles #6 September 2009
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Africam The Boma  Babbles The Official Africam Newsletter
Issue #6 September 2009
Amazing Video of Baby Elephant!           Elephant Birth Video

Having access to the amazing wildlife of South Africa can often leave you in awe. Here is a video we have just released showing the miracle of life within a breeding herd of African elephants. 


That Tembe Cam - Where did you say it is?

Tembe“Our webcam is situated at a watering hole at the Tembe National Elephant Park in the north-east corner of South Africa, near the Mozambique border”   Sound familiar?... that’s the quote you see at the top of the Tembe cam every time you open it. So who is the “our” they are talking about? The Tembe Cam is in the Tembe Elephant Park right? Of course it is...but wait...if you check a little deeper; there is an amazing treasure that supports not only the Tembe Cam, but all of South Africa.   A sentence from their site says it all...  “Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife is entrusted with the long term conservation of the region's rich biodiversity for the people of South Africa.”
Curious now? While we see the wonders of the Tembe Cam, what lies behind it is something we all should take a peek at. Check this out and you may discover a whole new appreciation for Tembe’s views: 


Elephant Plains Gets a Makeover

Elephant Plains Gets MakeoverElephant Plains Waterhole Got a Makeover!
It seems one of the conversations around the local waterholes this month was about the dredging that took place at Elephant Plains.  We watched with eager eyes and wondering minds as mounds of earth were moved, leaving a deeper waterhole for the critters that come to quench their thirst there.
The hardest part for Africam cammers? It was watching the waterhole dry up, a necessity in ...


Happy Anniversary!

We just checked our diaries and realized NK has been up and running for 3 years on the 10th September - seems like 6 months. So we have decided to assemble most of the team at Nkorho during that period and provide some celebration and feedback on the 11th. So please join us at 17:00CAT for a few hours.

Meet The Owners - Nkorho

Nkorho LodgeDirk and Jacqui Becker are the owners of Nkorho Lodge.  They have two children, Mandy and Roscoe and, when the children were younger, lived at Nkorho.  When the children became older and started at High School, they moved to Nelspruit to live and now visit the lodge each weekend.


Gerda's Did you know...
  • that hyaenas are more closely related to cats than to dogs?
  • that an elephant's skin colour depends on the colour of the soil they wallow in or use for dust baths (or could be 'bathing')?
  • that male baboons' canines are longer and sharper than those of a lion?
  • that a warthog will enter his burrow backwards?
  • that Ancient Romans and Greeks thought that the Giraffe was a mix between a camel and leopard and that this is where their scientific Genus name "camelopardalis" comes from ?
A blog with interesting facts about animals seen on our cameras will be featured in each newsletter.
As they are my favorite animal, let's start with the Spotted Hyaena :

Want to start your own blog? If you're a member of Africam you can! Just click on "My Blog" on the left hand side of the navigation menu and start writing your own wildlfie or animal related stories today. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO


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Penny's Birthday

Penny's Birthday

Penny2 celebrated her birthday while at Nkorho this year and was surprised when Wesley entered with a birthday cake made for her.

Penny's Birthday 2



If you would like to contact us with any questions or feedback please contact editor@africam.com

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Martha Netherton and I, Tim

Martha Netherton and I, Tim Arthurs have watched you guys at the watering hole for 3 years, great stuff, someday I wish to get over there and see first hand.

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