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The Boma Babbles Issue #1 April 2009

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The Boma Babbles Issue #1 April 2009
Africam LogoThe Boma Babbles
The Official Africam Newsletter
Issue #1 - April, 2009

Welcome to the first issue of the Africam Newsletter! We hope you enjoy this new service. More issues with exciting new content and features from Africam are on the way!


AFRICAM - The Journey Lion

Greetings Cammers (long timers and newbie's included),

As this is Africam's first newsletter since its re launch just short of 3 years ago, we thought we should treat you to an authoritive and frank account of our history which we think will make you proud to be associated with what we do. Of course the biggest reason that Africam is still here has to be because of the loyal following we have and would like to believe that is because we deliver something that is unique, refreshing and relevant to our lives and times. This is only the most recent episode of the Africam journey, which actually stretches back 10 years (we just realized that when we lifted our heads out of the bonnet last week) which has seen many a character and events come and go. So then, we hope to give you a concise summary here so that you will be able to feel a  part of that journey, knowing the twists and turns our path has taken..

Africam has been a part of many people's lives around the world for over 10 years. From an idea that was born out of a passion to share the African bush live and online, it has been  (click here to continue reading)

POTJIEKOS - Africam Style

On Friday 20 March 2009, CHEF WESLEY from Nkorho Lodge,cooked "Potjiekos" live on Nkorho Cam at the waterhole.

Africam Chef

For more info on this event CLICK HERE

To watch GERDA'S video of it CLICK HERE

MAVIS - Meet The Editor

Hello and welcome to the first edition of MavisThe Boma Babbles – the official Africam Newsletter. We will be publishing bi-weekly or every fortnight and hope to provide you with all the exciting happenings on the Africam cameras as well as behind the cameras.

My name is MAVIS (you may know me as Dakota on the forum) and I am thrilled to be a part of The Boma Babbles. I have been an Africam addict for many years, but only joined the boma a little over two years ago.

My dogs, bird and I live in Manitoba Canada and I dream of one day making the trip to Africa and especially to Nkorho Lodge where I will meet the wonderful people who work so hard to make sure the cameras are up and running for us to watch. Every time I see a game drive leaving the lodge, I want to be on it.



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