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The Boma Babbles Issue #3 June, 2009

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The Boma Babbles Issue #3 June, 2009
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Africam The Boma  Babbles The Official Africam Newsletter
Issue #3 June 2009
Tembe Elephant Cam           Tembe Elephant Park

Africam has partnered with Tembe Elephant Park to bring you the Tembe Elephants live! They are reportedly the biggest elephants in the world.  The camera is situated in northern KwaZulu Natal on the South African/Mozambique border.

The cam is still being tested and we are running it in "bare bones" mode which means reduced resolution, no sound and no IR lights for nighttime viewing.  However, as we wind this cam up we will be addressing all those issues and more once we have the telecommunications and power issues stabalized.  For a quick peak head to AFRICAM and you can access the cam via the left side navigation menu under  "Tembe (test)"

Africam for Bushbabies           Bushbaby

You have joined the forum and spent a little time looking around the topics available.

There is a lot of information in the forum topics.  Please take the time to read the sticky posts at the top of each forum as they are marked sticky to make them stand out as noteworthy information. They include the rules on posting so hopefully you will then know if you want to start a new thread or reply to one that is already started

One of the first sections of the forum is called Welcome to Africam and the Africam Boma. Inside there you will find Africam Boma Guidelines and rules - the How to's and Useful Links, Africam Sightings Database,and Announcements.

Read the posts in each of those sections. You will find the Africam Wiki in the How to's and 


Nkorho Written by Penny2

Our introduction to Nkorho was via a brief social visit  in the mid 1990's and what is now the reception/curio shop was a bar area for the lodge owners.  Under the bar counter slept a tame, large, fat warthog which squealed with pleasure when he was tickled!  NkorhoSince those days, what was a private bush home has now become a popular lodge with seven chalets and a new, completely separate bar/pool deck and dining area overlooking the plain where the waterhole and cam is situated.  To the right of the lodge, when looked at from the waterhole, is the boma. This is a circular wood/reed enclosure where you dine under the stars around a campfire.

When we first started visiting NK as a lodge in 2003,  there were six chalets (five in a row with No. 6 being set behind the other rooms).  Now these...  TO READ MORE OF THIS ARTICLE CLICK HERE

Meet the Mod Squad - Gerda


My name is Gerda. I discovered Africam in 1999  & since then, there isn't a day that goes by without me visiting the waterholes and enjoying the sights and sounds on the cams.

I live in Belgium and work in a hotel as a receptionist. 
My interests are wildlife, birds, travelling, photography and sports.

I travelled a few times to Africa and fell in love with its wildlife. I find it fascinating to watch all the different animals roam, and interact with each other. Nature is the greatest teacher that exists Smiling

My favorite animal is ....


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