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The classic mud bath- so good for so many reasons. Nyalas testing

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The classic mud bath- so good for so many reasons. Nyalas testing

I love that video of the warthog having a mud bath(there are quite a few reasons for the mud-bath;one of them is that when the mud starts to dry it forms an abrasive which then helps to dislodge ticks when the animal rubs against trees or in this example, a rock), it brought back some funny memories for me. One of them being when I was managing a lodge in Madikwe Game Reserve, which is in the north-west of South Africa, another of the many gems which our magnificent country has to offer- a beautiful place.


I went to work there because of the incredible wild dog sightings, and let me tell you I couldn’t have dreamed of seeing the things I saw, Im so priviledged. There was no fencing around the lodge so animals could come and go in the “garden”, in front of my house, as they please. There were elephants there practically every day, often had lions there, wild dogs on the drive-way and all types of antelope. Sorry Im rambling on a bit here, I just have many, very fond memories of the place. Anyway, one afternoon there were warthogs bathing in the garden and this one guy wanted to have a good rub/scratch afterwards as they so often like to do. He found this perfectly sized rock onto which he ever so delicately, in typical warthog fasion, plonked his butt, and with both hind legs slightly raised off the ground he proceeded to move forwards and backwards giving himself a real good scratch, I think reaching that impossible spot, as I swear I could have seen his eyes roll back with delight.



There is also a nice video of 2 Nyala bulls testing each other out. I gave a brief description of the nyala we saw the other day, mentioning its crest of hair along its back. Well when 2 males are having a proper confrontation, that hair stands on end and they parade slowly past each other with slow high steps, with the head down and horns pointed forward, and the tail curled over the back to show the white underneath. .

To watch the videos of the Warthog mud bath and of the 2 nyala's “testing”(its not a full blown confrontation as they are not adults) each other, go to the Africam front page at url,


There were also a couple of good photos taken of that magic leopard and cubs sighting from the other day.





Thank-you to everyone for taking the pictures and videos,they are fantastic.

Happy camming

Cheers for now