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The cunning jackal and some of his calls.

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The cunning jackal and some of his calls.

 Whilst watching the video of the jackals, I was reminded how awesome the sound is. Its so cool listening to those jackals calling. Each jackal has an individually recognizable call. Jackals are very quick and agile and I sometimes thought they were on a death-wish the way they pester lions and hyeanas at kills, darting in and stealing scraps- one swipe from a lions paw or a yap from a hyeanas jaw would kill it in a flash. In saying this, they havnt often been seen taking many chances with cheetah which are quicker than them. The cheetah is not a very dangerous animal, nothing like lions, hyeanas and leopards, it would probably only scratch or slightly injure the jackal. The cheetah is light weight, slim and lean, built for speed. One hyeana will steal a kill away from a cheetah; their kills are very often stolen by lions and hyeanas.

To listen to the awesome sound of those jackals calling, go to the africam front page at url,


There was also a great video of a slender mongoose at the waterhole(I also love banded mongoose and meerkats/suricate-cool social behaviours). It seems like Im saying this a lot lately, but you don’t often get such good video of them. You are able to clearly see the distinctive black tail tip. In the photo below which has the mongoose in the sun, you can also see this, together with the red tinge to the fur.



To see the video of the slender mongoose, go to the africam front page at url,


Thank-you to everyone for taking the photos and video, excellent work as usual.


Happy camming

Cheers for now