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The Difference Between the Two Chats

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Joined: Feb 4 2008
The Difference Between the Two Chats

I just discovered this past week that there is another Chat, that isn't in the Forums. I was wondering if you could give this a name, to distinguish it from the Watering Hole Chat and the Campfire Chat.

Also, someone from that chat came over to the WH Chat and mentioned that the rangers stop in there all the time. Not fair to us Forum chatters!

For instance, at dawn this morning, a Forum chatter just happened to be checking out the other chat at just the right time and found Bushie reporting on lions spending the night in the open area by the lodge. We Forum chatters would never have knows this otherwise, because that chat isn't a "permanent" record like the forums.

And, besides, Forum chatters have always enjoyed chatting with Jacques and Bushie, and hope it continues!

Forum chatters have been around for a long time and, yes, some visit the new chat; but most of us prefer the permanence of the Forum as opposed to the "instant messaging" of the new chat. Everyone has their own style - I just hate to see one group ignored at the expense of the other.

Thanks for allowing me to vent!


marcel01 (not verified)
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I like the chat. But I think everybody should find his own favourite one. I tried out the Forum chat and it was really getting on my nerves with refreshing and nobody online. In the other chat you can always see if anybody is online. Here you can only see if somebody is in Forum.

Iceage (not verified)
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I feel the same way, I never opened the chatroom because i also think that what is seen and chatted about should be availeble to users that are not online.

I was not happy at a time that all the information and more was copied and paste to the forum.

I can understand completly why a chat room is fun , But i do think that important information must not be said in a chatroom , but to us all in a topic on the forum so that it can be read back.

The danger about a chatroom also is that people start fights that they would never do on a public message.

Another danger is that people dont take the effort anymore to post important things and information is lost.

It happened to me also once while i was on the waterhole chat and asking questions and saw  that they were replied ( pasted) from the chatroom.

Surely i understand that sometimes when it is almost impossible to reach the forum that ppl go in the chat room. ( like Bushie also did)

But i dont like the idea that the chatroom is gooing to be common.

any important information should be available to us all and should be posted in the main forum so that people who want to be updated can read back.

Sofar my 2 cents.






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Joined: Jul 22 2008

I feel the same and also miss the photos which used to be posted by the lodge.

I also can't fit it all onto my screen - 3 cams plus the forum and maybe mwsnap and that's already too much!

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Joined: Oct 16 2005

camfan1 wrote:

 If you click onto the word (chat) you will be taken to both the live cam and the chat room. 

Unfortunately if I open a cam and chatroom like that, there is no room for anything else on my screen.

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Joined: Oct 16 2005

SueW wrote:
Also, someone from that chat came over to the WH Chat and mentioned that the rangers stop in there all the time. Not fair to us Forum chatters!

Thanks! It has been bugging me too.

What happened to the updates Jacques gave us when they came back from the drives, now he is rarily seen on the boma? In chat nobody can read back and see all the news like on a forum. 


camfan1 (not verified)
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Hi Sue,

I hope i can clear this up a bit for you and others that may not be aware of the "other chat".  If you look at the home page of Africam and the links to the live cams, you will see (chat) posted next to the cam links as well.  If you click onto the word (chat) you will be taken to both the live cam and the chat room.  It is an option, nothing more. It is not meant to replace this wonderful forum. This is the heart of  Africam and will remain so I'm sure. 

Last night Bushie could not get into the forum and asked if one of the room chatters could post the update for her. One of the chatters did just that, in hopes of keeping everyone informed in a timely manner. At that particular time, if the chatroom had not been in operation, perhaps none of us would have known about the possible lion sightings because Bushie could not get into the forum. 

I hope this helps a little, again, the chatroom is just an option, with the links to Africam and all its wealth of knowledge being continuosly posted to the chatters.

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Joined: Jul 22 2007

Most of the time I come onto watering hole chat no one is there, and this was happening way before africam put the instant chat box up, so i was very happy to see the instant chat box, as it is easy to see if it is active and more often than not it is active ......

The other problem here is having to refresh the page manually all the time, with instant chat that is not needed..... 

Each format has its pros and cons


kynana3 (not verified)
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Sue, I always use "watering hole chat" because that is where most people are.  I don't know anything about some other site.  Well the 'campfire' one but few people are on it most of the time.  

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