There are no lights at Tembe and Nkorho is down. Thank you for your paitence.

The Dry Season

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The Dry Season

As most Africam viewers may have noticed, we are now starting to see more animals and that is due to the fact that we are starting to enter the dry season. The dry season is from around May-September. During the dry season in Africa they do not get much rain, so the natural waterholes begin to dry up.  One reason that the animals come to Nk (Nkorho Pan) is that there is a pump that pumps water into the waterhole.  This means that most of the time the animals have constant water and keep coming to get water when they are thirsty.  So I hope you are ready to see more animals as the waterholes come alive.

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Thank you Nick for the info.

Thank you Nick for the info.  I did not know this.  I guess that is another reason why we are seeing more giraffes and so on.

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