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The Elephants and I: Sharon Pincott

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The Elephants and I: Sharon Pincott

The Elephants and I: Sharon Pincott

Sharon Pincott's move from a luxurious life in Australia to a hut in the wilds of Zimbabwe is a beautifully told story. Unfolding is the tale of a life lived to the beat of a different drum. Her dedication to the wild herd known as "The Presidential Herd" near Hwange NP bears testimony to her courage and determination.

The sad reality of the encroachment and mismanagement of this area by land invaders euphamistcally named "settlers", the reality of hunting, poaching, the terrible wounds inflicted by snares - these are offset by the wonder of her acceptance by a wild herd and particularly the touching relationship with one wild elephant, Lady and her small family. Sharon is still there doing her utmost to protect the elephants.

If you care about wildlife and elephants in particular and find stories of life in the African bush interesting, Sharon's book about her life and assistance given to our fellow creatures is an outstanding and evocative read.

Thoroughly Recommended. *****

Available from online booksellers in South Africa.