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The giant herds of the Kruger NP

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The giant herds of the Kruger NP


I’ts great to see the big breeding herds of buffalo which are so relaxed and quite common to the Kruger NP. The noise (moaning and groaning) and smell (the animals themselves and of course their dung) of about 150 to 200 buffalo is a joy to experience.

When these large herds are moving in the west at sunset and kick up dust, they provide wonderful photos.


I’ve worked in a few private game reserves which are obviously nowhere in size compared to the Kruger , and they introduced small herds of disease free buffalo, which can sometimes be a little skittish.

Here is a photo of a herd taken at the NK waterhole at night.



Ive been raving about all this good mongoose activity over the past few days, and I was going through my book to find more information on the Banded mongoose, when I noticed that I still hadn’t seen the White-tailed mongoose. Well, a few days ago a white-tailed mongoose was caught on camera one evening at the NK waterhole. Two days ago when I was talking about the banded mongoose that was caught by a martial eagle, I attested to the strength of the eagle by saying I had seen one catch a monitor lizard. Well, when I was going through some pictures yesterday, I saw that someone had taken one of a rock monitor lizard at EP waterhole. One might say this is becoming slightly uncanny.

Anyway, back to the white-tailed mongoose- it’s the largest mongoose in the subregion, and has distinctively long legs. The hair along the back and on the rump and tail is long and coarse and can be erected to make the animal look a lot larger, which is a threat defense mechanism against predators, and is also displayed when they seldom have bouts of aggression between each other. The white-tailed mongoose has a foul smelling anal gland and is able to squirt that secretion as a defense mechanism (similarly as the skunk).

The video of the white-tailed mongoose can be obtained from the Africam front page at url,


Thank-you to everyone for taking the fantastic photos and videos

Happy camming

Cheers for now