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The Rainy Season

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The Rainy Season

As many may have noticed the seasons are starting to change again in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve. The rainy season is now almost upon us.  With the rainy season right around the corner we can expect to be seeing some nice green and lively colors on the cams. We should also start to see the next generation of animals appearing which is always exciting.  Since there will be more green, the animals will now have many areas where they can eat and drink, though this does not mean that we will see less animals, they may be more dispersed thoughtout the Sabi Sands/Kruger National Park areas.  As we wait for the animals to come drink and eat maybe just maybe we can see some young animals in the middle of the herds. Happy rainy season.

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Spring brings the rainy

Spring brings the rainy season? I remember a washed out road last year although it did not seem to cause any particular hardships.  The running brooks of water looked so clean and clear. I am sure the birds and animals appreciate the abudance of water. Flowers bloom, the young animals scamber about and everything is so colorful.  I look forward to the rain and all the new things that the rainy season brings.  

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