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This might be a stretch... but Nkorho Diaries would a bestseller here

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This might be a stretch... but Nkorho Diaries would a bestseller here

Assuming I speak on behalf of most of us here, We, the Bomites have insatiable appetites for reports on what occurs off-camera.  As is the obvious, we are all over Karin's reports, and Mac Mac's Q&A whenever new reports arrive.  It would be so nice to have a regular diary thread that gets updated regularly without us having to ask a million questions. 

I know this is a lot to ask, as people are busy keeping the Lodge and tours running.  However, other places seem to have them and most of us can't get enough of them.  If you need writers, I'm sure some of the posters here would love to get a plane ticket and working Visa to come out and keep diaries... lol.  

That's all.  It never hurts to ask.    :) 



Marblehead (not verified)
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Thanks, Aquila.  I just added the page to my favorites.  Though, it hasn't been updated for close to a month.  Do they add a bunch of updates all at once? 

My suggestion was more on the idea of having a diary page, that one, or a different one, added right here to a thread on the board.  How long have I been here?  I wasn't aware of that page.  It would also be easy for newer Bomites to access here.  


Aquila (not verified)
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Nkorho does have a sightings site but it's not kept up on a regular basis.


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