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Thoughts from a mobile

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Thoughts from a mobile

Hey cammers,

Having recently been confined to a low bandwidth mobile connection I cant help but notice that the homepage or 'landing page' can take an age to load and is often unsuccessful in doing so. I do wonder if this relates to the amount of content on the page, which is significant.

This is not a complaint, lets be clear about that. Just some observations from a very different internet experience than I am used to. My 'standard' connection can eat almost any amount of data without so much as a pause for breath, but a low speed connection has a real trial with the site at times.

With broadband being as common as it is this may not even be an issue, but I did wonder if it was worth sparing a thought for those without the type of monster connections many of us routinely enjoy.

Anyway, nuff said


(WildLifer in chat)