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Three cheers for Saffie,Trevor Immelman,

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Joined: Dec 31 2006
Three cheers for Saffie,Trevor Immelman,

the 2008 US Master's Golf Champion!

Hip-hip------, hip-hip----, hip-hip-------!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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Joined: Jul 22 2007

Hey Trevor well done !!!!!  
you kept me up until late last night (I now have matchsticks to keep my eyelids open)   I nearly had heart failure when your ball went into the water on the 16th and you still pulled it off we are so proud of you......... 


williewoes (not verified)
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viva our saffie champCool

Sunbird (not verified)
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Just heard the news!! Great achievement.

Irma (not verified)
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What a Star you are, Trevor! We are Sooooo proud of you!Smile

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Joined: Oct 16 2005

Well done Trevor!!!

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