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Time of Postings

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Time of Postings

I know that there are not many people from South Africa on this forum but I do believe that there are sufficient of us to warrant a CAT time posting alongside the respective times.  It is most disconcerting to come to a forum and not know what time (S A time) the last posting was made.  After all these cams are are almost all based in South Africa and I don't understand why we cannot run our local time for postings as well!!!  Just a thought - use it or lose it!

CallieG (not verified)
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Hi Aquila, I am sure that you know the time is above the view screen, That is the only way I know what time it is in SA. 

spidera (not verified)
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Joined: Oct 16 2005

Penny, you must go into your account and set your time to +0200. I have the same time as in SA and that is what I have it set to now.

All the times given of sightings are CAT

Auntie Lyn (not verified)
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Penny, I have my preference for time set to CAT (+2hrs). It makes it easier for me to follow the threads, and post. I have no idea what the default is tho. I have a program in my Firefox for a clock in the status bar. I have it set to CAT date and time. I know what time it is in my time, and I don't like to be adding 6 hours all the time to figure your time. This makes it easier for me. For those with firefox, the firefox addon is FoxClocks.

Aquila (not verified)
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Penny, can't you set the time zone in your profile to match your time zone? I have mine set to my time zone and it reflects all posts accordingly. Without it, I would be totally lost as to when anything was posted. LOL

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