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Time Shown - Africam or Other

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Time Shown - Africam or Other

Is the time shown Africam time?  I just read a posting by the Ranger and it showed it was posted just a few minutes ago but the time listed was confusing to me.  Please clarify.  Thanks.

nanajane (not verified)
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Thanks!  Appreciate the information from both replies.  Since being introduced to this site by a friend that went to Africa this summer, I have been hooked and  am on here ever day.  Iam a novice but hopefully learning.  THANKS AGAIN.

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Hi nanajane,

You can set the time to show your local time,  or,  to show the CAT (Central African Time)

Click on My Account on the left hand side

Click on Edit

Scroll down to Locale Settings - there you can select which time zone you would like. I am in the Central Time Zone and I prefer to see the CAT time on the posts, so I selected the +2 option.



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The time that is shown on the Boma (at the top of each post) is the one that is chosen in your profile.

To change the time zone, click on 'My account' in the menu on the left and then 'edit'. Scroll down to 'Local settings', choose your prefered time zone and submit.

When we talk about sightings, we usually use CAT (Central African Time). That is also the time that is displayed on the streaming cams.

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