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Time to Rethink??

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Time to Rethink??

Hello Africam techies..... Smiling

After careful consideration, I have come to the conclusion that it might be time to cut your losses on this Drupal system. NO content management system has a fully functional forum, which is why you guys have been having to heavily modify the existing forum with modules and hacks. You guys have done a great job...but I really don't see it ever working properly. That is simply because it was never designed to do what a true forum/message board does. Hacked up code is hacked up code and sooner or later they will conflict. But I am not complaining. I understand what Africam is trying to do with an integrated forum and website. CM systems don't care about forums....and stand-alone forums don't care about overall website content. You are in the middle trying to make a system do something it wasn't designed to do. Just my opinion of course...and I hope that someday, someone, will design a system that cares about both aspects. I have been wanting such a system for years.

My suggestion is this....keep Drupal, but install a phpBB forum seperately. Both Drupal and and phpBB will have their own database and this just might solve your too many database connections problem. Now, I know you want integration...who doesn't? To that goal, I have found a possible way....a Drupal/phpBB bridge. You can check it out here:

I don't know the level of development on the bridge...but it has been around for awhile. That may mean the bugs are worked least for particular versions of both Drupal and phpBB. It certainly should be something that gets explored at any rate. will be trying to get two databases to talk to each other...and that is beyond my understanding.

I am not trying to tell you folks how to run your website. I have had websites for 7 years and the one thing I hated was people telling me how to run my own show. All I am suggesting is that you seriously look at potentially having seperate forum software that was designed from the ground up TO BE a forum....rather than trying to modify the Drupal forum which by all accounts is an afterthought by Drupal designers. If it is feasible...I think you should go that route. If it is not feasible....then we continue to try to build things. To that I say, "You are a better man than I, Gunga Din".....because I about ready to rip Drupal off my server. I just can't make it do what I want, compared to just writing the pages myself.

Anyway....thanks Africam for trying and working so hard. I appeciate it....but sometimes you just get a nut too tough to crack....

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Thanx for ur comments -

The problem of too many connections hasnt really been a result of hacking code - the last time we did any code changes on the forum was about 4-5 weeks ago.

The biggest problem we are having now with respect to 'too many connections' / slow response has been more related to bad behavior of bots/kiddie scripts and other such malicous agents. We have just, last night, started to implement certian measures to identify & counter this. Already we have intercepted 80- odd such 'attacks'.

That being said i am not saying all problems have been identified & squashed.

If there are other issues I havnt touched, which there may well be, please let me know 




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