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Time Warp Videos

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Time Warp Videos

 Can you submit pics from the time warp videos it would be same day wouldnt it

Lori Kamm (not verified)
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is there a way to make a thread, and just have

time warp pics... something you don't see everyday. Like the other

night there was that neat Big bird with the red on the beak.

Like maybe everyone could put 1 pic on there a day?

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Joined: Feb 18 2006

There is no way Karen ...Sad

I wonder if we can create a special topic for those pics ...For example 'Time wrap pics' ...Maybe some of them haven't published before and maybe someone can confirm the date at last

KarenK1 (not verified)
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How do you know what date it was taken

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Joined: Oct 4 2006

Hi KarenK1,

the time warp is not always on the same day.  Sometimes it is a few days behind.  You would need to confirm that the day is correct before doing so.

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