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Lion Limping going to drink at Tembe 09_Oct_2013

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Lion Limping going to drink at Tembe 09_Oct_2013

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Hi Donna so that is Dee than,

Hi Donna so that is Dee than, I wasnt sure if she was still around the Tembe area. Well she just came thru and it looks like the injured young guy may be hers. Seems she picked up his scent and let out some calls for him, looks like someone captured a good video of it too. She looks to be on a mission. Poor guy is taking some hard knocks on his new journey, interesting he came home to heal!! He looks like a hardy young guy, he will be fine  Smile

A lioness came thru (without collar) late night very early morning, I wonder if it was sis looking for him too. I bet this age is a tense time in a momma lions life, letting go of your kids, just like us!! 

eta~ well she did find her daughter with her calls, she still looks concerned tho. Unless I am making this all up in my head lol!! Good night...

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I hope he will heal quickly. 

I hope he will heal quickly.  A lion's life is rarely easy. I choose to think he will be fine Eye-wink.  Not positive, but he could be the young male from the cubs born about 1.5 years ago. They haven't been around as much the last few weeks. The female is referred to as "Dee" by some of the Tembe staff. I'm not sure if that is an official name.


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His right front ankle area

His right front ankle area looks very swollen. He has been sporting those cuts for almost a week that I have noticed, dont remember him limping like he is now. I hope he hasn't developed an infection in his leg. He sure didnt exert much energy this morning while laying by the (lighting?) pit area,  I watched him for an hour or more, nyalas walking by him and he never even attempted to hunt.

Does anyone know who he may be? He sure is a handsome young fella...

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