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Top Ten Things To Do When The Cams Are Down

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Top Ten Things To Do When The Cams Are Down

We do our best to keep all of our cameras running all of the time. But the reality is this is Africa, and between thunderstorms, animals chewing cable and telecommunications failures somtimes the cams go down for awhile. Check out the top ten things to do when this happens...


10.    Open Africam, sigh...the cams are down...lets watch the videos and see how many times that blasted Swains Spurfowl sits on the microphone and screams in our ears...
9.    Check the Chit Chat’s been noted the cams are down, been analyzed, been stated several different ways, oh and then it started all over again... yes...let’s move on.
8.    Check the recent pictures...and look at the pictures from the last three years...I swear that buffalo with the snotty nose and long tongue is a camera hog.
7.    Check the blogs...check the refresh cams...check the other forums...ok, checked what...? I better check them again...just in case I missed a new note on why the cams are down...
6.    Stop by the chat room...hmmm...talking about how long the cams have been down, why and when they’ll be up...more analyzing...let’s move on from here too.
5.    Oh excellent, the Tembe cam is still up and running...but darn, any other day there would have been 50 elephants walk see a lonely bird.
4.    Time for trivia!  Lets search the internet and see what we can learn...nah, that’s too much work...what’s next?
3.    Checking the cams again, the forum, the chat new news.  Cam withdrawals are not a good thing. I think I’m hyperventilating...anyone have an extra paper bag?
2.    Going through all my pictures and snippets of the animals I’ve seen on the cams.  I think I have 593 pictures of elephants and 3 of the terrapins..hmm....I think I might be showing a little favoritism. Line up terrapins, smile...its picture time!
1.    Checking the cams again...ok seriously, I have read everything, looked at every picture, and eaten my way through a package of cookies... I need my cams! 

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Sounds all too familiar to

Sounds all too familiar to list looks just the same:)

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