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Treating Rhino Horns To Make Them Toxic To Humans: New Images of The Procedure

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Treating Rhino Horns To Make Them Toxic To Humans: New Images of The Procedure

The latest attempt to combat rhino poaching involves a plan that treats rhino horns with a mixture of parasiticides and pink dye. This procedure makes ingesting the horns toxic to humans and can cause vomiting, severe nausea and convulsions. In addition, the pink dye makes it much easier for authorities to track the horns. You can read about the plan in more detail HERE

Many private game reserves across South Africa are adopting this technique to fight the ever growing struggle against rhino poachers and those causing the demand for rhino horn. Heavily involved with the Rhino Rescue Project is the Sabi Sand Game Reserve and one of our partner lodges Elephant Plains Game Lodge.

They recently released these photos of the process. As the demand for rhino horn in Asia and the number of rhinos being poached continues to climb something must be done. Is this procedure the answer? We can only hope.







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I think this is a great idea.

I think this is a great idea.  The only problem is that it is trying to change a centuries old custom - but it is one that needs to be changed if we don't want to kill off these marvelous critters.  I think a poison that kills the users would be too extreme and this should be just about right.  Keeping my fingers crossed that it is a success and that enough rhinos can have this treatment to keep the numbers up.

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I honestly think this is a

I honestly think this is a great idea. People who would even attempt to ingest the horn are just as bad as the poachers themselves. People who eat it are in a way supporting this. Ivory is ment to stay on the animal and is not ours to take. I think letting people know that there is poison in these horns would be better because it will stop the kill in the first place. I hope this works because I'm so tired of these poachers thinking they own everything. 

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Hi ..I think this is so

Hi ..

I think this is so wrong... we should be putting in a poison that will result in the users death should they ingest the horn...

We shoot poachers if they won't accept arrest.. lets let the world know, use our Rhino horn you're gonna die.. that would hopefully put a stop to the poaching...


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