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trip to S. Africa

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trip to S. Africa

Hi everyone. I hope this is okay to post here. I'm looking for help/ideas/suggestions/advice and tips on going to S. Africa. My sister and I are planning on either Nkorho or Elephant Plains in about four years(we have to save up first). Any helpful suggestions and tips are very welcome.

I know that prices go up each year, have taken that into account, and I know we need passports. Things like what shots we need, how far in advance we should get them, those are tips that would be helpful. As well as your own experiences there.

It was a view of Nkorho Lodge with impala and wildebeest grazing near the lodge that made my decision for me.

Apart from going to Canada, we've never been out of the Untied States. So thanks for any help/suggestions/advice.




Tiger tiger burning bright in the forest of the night