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Tweaking the design of the new boards?

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Tweaking the design of the new boards?

Good Morning Campbell:

Several  thoughts for your consideration:


  1. Can the layout of the boards be redesigned to reduce the size of the headings, reduce the amount of blank black space on all the pages, and provide some basic sold grid structure?   Headings are floating on the page and not in any grid making moving around the large pages difficult.
  2. Consider please a tweak of the design that makes the actual content of the poster's post more prominent than the post heading, and especially all the space around the automatically inserted items such as the member's name, avatar, stats, etc.
  3. Consider a set format for all signatures rather than allowing people to use their own font colors and sizes.  (I'll duck for cover on that one but given the difficulty in loading pages and reading posts now, if signatures were more discreet and clearly distinguished from the body of each post, the forum threads would read easier.  Espepcially limit images to one per signature if possible.
  4. One set default font size and style for the new post and reply windows would be a big help in reading threads, especially long threads.  We are all over the map with our fonts and every single post here has to be formatted by the member.  If not, the posts come out in 8pt type, barely readable across the web.  Or, people are over-formatting their posts making them takee up an entire page and over-run with color.
  5. Can the list of available fonts be pared down to just a few decent looking fonts?  Too many options and again posts are difficult to read when each one is over-designed by the poster.
  6. In the lists of topics under "Active Topics" and in the Forum list, where the current post is displayed, can those posts become hyper-links directly to the post that's listed, as it was on the old board?  Now we only have the option to go to the thread and then search our way through pages of posts to find the current post, which, may be buried by the time we finally find it.
  7. Could a drop down list please be added so that one can move from the forum they're in to another forum they wish to see in a hurry? 
  8. Is it possible to remove the permanent showing of the first post in a thread on the top of every single page in the thread?  It takes up too much room.
smalldog (not verified)
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I see changes being made!  Great work removing the headings from each post and putting the solid grid lines in.  Thank you for continuing to tweak the forums.

I agree with Limpopo.  It is still all too visually overwhelming.

Hoping the orange side bar can be moved.  Better yet, hoping the forum can be broken out of being in a frame here on the website.  Basically, that's the main thing that makes the forum cumbersome and takes up too much room on the monitor to use along with viewing the WH.

Are the tech's working on removing the persistent posting of the first post in a thread appearing at the start of every page in a given thread?  That would be a big help.

Also, we need the Index page to have some kind of grid soon--it's impossible to navigate Smiling

 Bless your heart for putting up with me.

limpopo (not verified)
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I posted something yesterday - but I don't know if it was recorded. The font size and colors are hard on the eyes - it is just too overwhelming for the mind to comfortably assimilate. The white on orange, and the large size font in the menu make it looks messy.

Similarly for the posts - the headings are way too large - one cannot scan them easily. Also, it seems much slower.

The buttons at the top are nice.

smalldog (not verified)
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Happy to help.  I just don't want to come across as complaining, complaining, complaining.  Smiling

Something else you might want to look into is what happens when a link is posted in a thread and one clicks on it, instead of it opening in a new window, clicking on a link takes us away from the forum.  Example.  I just read Ceri's thread about the WLC photography module, clicked on the link to read more about it, and, got bumped out of the forum when I didn't want that to happen.  I don't know if that can be fixed.

Campbell (not verified)
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Thanks Smalldog, we appreciate you making the effort to let us know.


smalldog (not verified)
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Uh oh.  Now I wanted to edit this post and I can't.  I don't see any edit or delete option.  Can the option to edit or delete be applied to New Topic posts as they are to replies in threads?

After posting I see that you've got the grid back for the post!  That's terrific.  So my suggestion only applies to the Forums page (the list of forums) and the Active Topics page.

Great job!

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