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Hey everyone....What's this global obsession with twitter?  Frankly, I don't understand it.  Should I join, or are there security issues?  I feel silly not knowing the difference between a "tweet" and "twittering".  I see Africam has a twitter account, but I'm not sure what joining it would mean!


P.S. I feel like this is most appropriate place in the forum to ask this question, because it says we can chit-chat about anything.  But if it's not, then I apologize!

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Hi savenature.  I will try to answer a few of your questions.  It is fine to ask your questions here by starting a new thread or you could just ask within the daily created chat threads.  Africam has a thread already created regarding twitter and how Africam is involved with it.  HERE I admit I am not a twitter fan such as all the hype seems to be for it, but for our purposes as an alert to something of interest on the cams it works fairly well.  As for security, IMO, it is as safe as email.. and as with email I would not open a link from an unknown source.  No need to feel silly about the terms used they are new words made up by someone and many seem to be in jest but caught on so have become accepted. An unofficial glossery of terms is here if you want to try to learn some of them.  But if you call it a tweep or a tweet most will know what you mean :)  If you have any problems or other questions about it please ask.


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