Unique abilities which distinguish the Spotted Hyena

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Unique abilities which distinguish the Spotted Hyena

Ive always found the spotted hyena to be a very formidable predator, as well as a successful and resilient animal. One cannot deny the total strength of its bone-crunching jaw. The large skulls of hyenas have relatively short jaws which give a powerful grip. It is highly specialized for crushing large bones and cutting through thick hides, which other large carnivores are unable to consume and digest. The bone-crushing premolars are relatively large and the carnassial teeth are used almost only for slicing and shearing. Ive seen spotted hyena feeding off elephant and adult giraffe kills many months after the animal was killed, and certainly a lot longer after any other animal was able to feed off them.



Their exceptional ability to eat and digest bone, horns, and even teeth gives hyenas advantages over competitors, like sustaining milk production for over a year. They are the only carnivores that eat hides, later disgorging indigestible hair. Hyenas utilize prey resource more completely and efficiently than other carnivores.

These are a few of the many things that interest me about the spotted hyena.

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