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I am perfectly content in the Autumn of my life.

So, you want to know about me huh? Okay, just
remember you asked for it.

I love life, people, and animals, and oh yes plants-they help us breath you know.

Me, I am fun loving, amicable to most, and love to tell jokes, drink, eat, laugh, share, care, feel, emote, relate, and try not to judge.

I hate phonies, braggarts, blowhards, know-it-Alls, mean spirited people, liars, thieves of material, or hearts, and bigots.

When I was young I loved to fish,and hunt, but now in my Autumn years I love to look, and enjoy nature. I love to smell, taste, and listen, as well as touch, and see the wonders of our planet in harmony with itself.

I am a simple person with no agenda, and only want to get along with my fellow human beings.

I love music, movies, good wines, fine dining, family.

I enjoy interacting with the INTERNET, and have a Web Site. I love pig whimsy, and tried to share it with visitors along with some writings that reflect real life experiences. You can see my "Site" by going to:


I am a retired USAF MSGT of 20 years, and was fortunate enough to experience other cultures from east to west. I thank my lucky stars that my life has been blessed with these experiences and only wish that others could be a fortunate. It is remarkable to look back on my Military experience and to realize that there are some of us out there that never leave our home town, city, State, etc;

So that is me in brief, no different than most of y'all. My favorite saying is:

You can judge a persons character by the way they treat people that they don't need.

How true, and I do believe in the "Golden Rule".

Who I'd like to meet:
I am basically a shy person, but I would like to meet people who share my feelings, and outlook on life, sincere and caring people that I could be friends with. I don't care for celebrity, or fame. People that can live together and make this planet a fun, secure, and lasting
place of comfort, are who I would like to meet and live
with. Maybe John Wayne if he was still alive today.

MSGT USAF (Retired)
Family, Friends, Dining Out, Bar-B-Que's, Movies, DVD's, Real Life Poetry, Fine Wine.

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