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video cam

hello, I love watching Africam.com.  but for some reason my video screen is lime green. the animals r white.  the sound is perfect...but on africam its grn.. when i click wavelite.com and hit wildlife/africam.. the video is black and white and the pic is perfect  i can see blades of grass and the toungues /lower jaws of the animals drinking and their ears / skins move when the quiver off the bugs...and the sound is perfect...could u pls fix the africam video  ?  and also i no longer get the wavelite ... why?  its no longer on the screen,,so now i can only get the green screen and i cant see the animals .. just white images..no detail at all..thank u for ur time  ..hope to see improve ment soon..

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Hello Naviho Smiling

Take a look at some of the questions and answers that were posted here

in the  "Streaming Video Player & Camera issues." forum

Maybe something here might help.  If not, you might want to post your question there as it will be seen more quickly by those that can offer more help. 

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