Naledi, Cat-EYE and Nkorho Cams are down. We are working on solutions.

Viewing with the latest flash modifications

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Viewing with the latest flash modifications

There are many places to click to recieve the latest feeds, but only one set of them actually functions correctly. Those are the ones in the (chat) selection next to the Streaming Cam name while in the Forum section. They, however, open in a popup window which cannot be adjusted in size. Plus, as they contain the chat window, you may not be able to view everything because of your monitor size.


To circumvent the problems and go directly to a viewable/scalable window, use the following links. (You may need to clear your temporary internet files before loading the new links but you should not need to turn off any of your security items. The failure is not with your system but is in the parameters being sent to your flash player by Africam).


1) Load Internet Explorer

2) If you will want the picture larger or smaller (to fit more windows on the screen), make the change now using the zoom function in the lower right corner of the IE window.

3) Click on one of the following links to load the stream. Once loaded, you can make them a favorite so you can go directly to them in the future.

Nkoroho Link:

Elephant Plains Link:


I hope this helps get you viewing again.