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Vulture Restaurants!

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Vulture Restaurants!

Vulture Restaurants: Serving Up Clean Carcasses, Free of Charge

Ok I don't know how to put this part in a QuoteEmbarassed... but the part below is quoted.

For the small number of vulture lovers the world over, good news comes this summer from Sindh, Pakistan. In June, a new "vulture restaurant" opened to provide safe food for the endangered birds — no reservations needed, but it's always a fierce fight for the flesh. Similar vulture ventures have already been successful in South Africa, India and Nepal, where one region in which a restaurant started to provide vultures with clean carcasses saw a doubling of nesting pairs in just two years, according to Bird Conservation Nepal.

Thought this was a very interesting article and wanted to share it with you all! Smile

By Sophia Yan
Friday, Aug. 14, 2009

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I am not an advocate of vulture restaurants near our wild areas in Africa, as from my experience, we are not seeing the vulture population we should be seeing at kills any more.  In my area we have three vulture feeding restaurants in close proximity, in some cases the lapped face is not arriving to open the carcass for the other vultures, this is having catastrophic results for the disposal of the carcass, and for the other vultures who rely on the carcass being opened before they can feed. 


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There is a feeder place -restaurant for vultures (three different species visit it) in Greece at Dadia Forest ...near the borders between Greece and Turkey (Evros River) ..It;s in operation for at least 20 years ..and I know that there are many more here in southeast europe and spain ..

It is a great experience to visit these place by the way ...Dadia forest was one of my favourite destinations when i could traver years before ...and twice I had the chance to see all the four species of vultures in Europe at same time !!!!

If there werent such feeding places for them ..maybe Europe would have lost all vultures

travelravel (not verified)
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I watched a documentary about vultures and how the population is dropping - this vulture restaurant sounds like a a golden opportunity to help keep the population going (but from the title of your post, I didn't know what to expect...a restaurant serving cooked vultures perhaps)

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