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Dear Members

It has come to my attention that there is a small group of people who have taken it upon themselves to try and undermine Africam by creating and perpetuating rumors. I have a number of loyal members that have confided in me and brought to my attention certain pm’s going around. I have a ZERO tolerance policy for trouble makers; if you find yourself banned from this site well then move on your time here is over – you have been warned before.

To all the other members working hard to get this forum back to a happy place please know you have our full support.

Let’s move on people! or move the people that can't.



Africam Admin

Fabby (not verified)
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Auntie Lyn wrote:

Campbell, there are times in life that you feel left out not being part of the loop. But then there are times like this, that you count that single fact as a blessing. I am counting my blessings regarding this. Please add my support to those above, it has been a joy this past week to see Africam return to much of what hooked me into staying here in the first place. Thank you for that.


Well done Africam, well done.


I have nothing to add here Smiling

Thanks Africam and all those friends I have made on here for making this the wonderful place that it is.

Squirrelmom (not verified)
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I love watching the cams! I don't have much time so I don't get to the Forum's very often and had no idea all of this was going on. Sad! For my part, I thank you for all you do and for all the knowledge I have gained through Africam.

Blessings & Prayers,


kokodog1 (not verified)
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A very heartfelt thanks to Campbell, Jon and everyone connected with Africam who is bringing to all of us this very special place !!! Every time I turn Africam on, there is excitement at what I might see that day or night. I enjoy the animals, birds, and sounds of Africa so much!!! Thank you !!!!

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A loyal viewer here, too... ! I have been fortunate to not have been included in the PMs, but Africam has my complete and undivided support! Wishing you guys the best!!!!


Member of the buffalo frog fan club!

CallieG (not verified)
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Campbell I am sorry to hear that.  I had not noticed.  I want you to know that I am a loyal viewer. You guys are part of my life.  I love animals and watching Africam has meant a great deal to me. I tell everyone I meet about Africam and if they are interested I give them the information.

Keep up the good work.

RandyWI (not verified)
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I guess this is one instance where ignorance is bliss.   And I plan to stay blissfully ignorant of any intrigue.   Just let me chat about the animals and birds with other nature nuts and I am good!

ofjr (not verified)
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Best place for animal and nature loving people!

A million thanks!

OFJR from Indianapolis

LadyDoc (not verified)
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I am another who is "out of the loop" as far as all the intrigue goes, and just as happy that way. All I know is that I discovered the cameras long before I discovered this board, that I lurk and read but rarely post, and that I have greatly appreciated all the wonderful experiences that both the cameras and this board have brought me.

Thanks to everyone at Africam for all you do.

Auntie Lyn (not verified)
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Mushroom wrote:

Am I to understand that this site runs on donations? If so, where/how may I contribute?

Thank you again for all that you do. This is truly the most amazing place I've ever visited on the web.

Mushie, on the home page for Africam, there are 2 donation buttons. I have marked the second Saturday of every month to make my donation now. It's the least I can do to give back even a small amount of what Africam has given me. Smiling Link for donation here. This will open in a new window. Smiling

karen-inVA (not verified)
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Thank You Campbell and Jon for stepping forward and sharing all of this with all of us Africammers.

I truly appreciate a person that will step forward and talk to me with straight forward information and not beat around the bush with only parts of it.

I have been watching and truly enjoying the cams for quite a while now and refuse to allow any thing or any one take that pleasure from me as long as I can turn my computer on and bring the cams up.

It is sad that you have had to come in here and post "warnings" like this, but unfortunately it was necessary to stress the facts that behavior that has been going on both in public and behind the scenes needed to cease. I am not one to air my dirty laundry in public and I don't care to hear about others either. Hopefully it will stop and every one can go back to the positive side of enjoying the cams and each others company.

BIG THANKS to Africam, Nkorho Lodge, Elephant Plains Lodge and our fantastic Zoomies for allowqing us all in to your world to enjoy what Mother Nature has to share with us in the African Bush.

I apologize for discussing other cams in here, but I did want to help a fellow cammer out with some confusion she shared below.

MUSHIE.... The Djuma Discussion Thread was closed per Africam's decision. We were given a few days notice, so it was not a last minute abrupt decision thankfully. That discussion thread was not moved to the new website that had newly been created. Yes, "some" have moved over there, but others have chosen to share in the chat for that cam in other forums as well. There are a few choices on the WE Blog and if you would like to ask me any further about it, I will be glad to chat with you more in a PM.

Mushroom wrote:

I haven't a clue what's going on. I'm one of the new kids on the block. All I know is one day I was discussing the Djuma game drive and a few days later that discussion had moved to a new website.

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