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Watchful Eyes

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Watchful Eyes

Ever wonder how some folks in the Chit Chat Forum know more than you do about the happenings around the Nkorho Pan? An example...on Sunday night at the pan, the jeeps from the lodge rolled out, spot lights were moving around looking for something, and if you were watching, you got a brief glimpse of a couple of lions, just a very quick shadowy dark glance. And that was the end of that.  Or was it?
While most of us waited and watched, a couple of people had already decided to check the forum thread that includes postings from the Nkorho Lodge staff.  We’re lucky to have folks that take the time to update us as often as they can on the sightings they see or sounds they hear.  Here we see Karin’s latest post, informing us which pride of lions was around and where they had been.


Included in that postings, there was also a hint of how much Karin loves the animals she sees, as she worries about the new baby wildebeest with the lion pride so close.  A baby wildebeest was born on Sunday, and we watched as he staggered a bit on those brand new knobby kneed legs. http://www.africam.com/wildlife/wildemumandcalf

We could see those big ears moving and listening to all the sounds as he stayed so close to his mother he was almost under her feet. http://www.africam.com/wildlife/wildecalfcloseup

If he survives, which on average only one out of six do, he’ll stay with mom for about nine months before feeling safe enough to wander the herd completely on his own. Every year we watch and count the little ones, and every year we watch as the number dwindles. But don’t be sad, that is the way of nature, the chain of life. All across Africa a lot of those little baby wildebeest will make it to adulthood and start the circle all over again.  And gosh, we sure are lucky we get to tag along for the ride, watching through the eyes of the camera.