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Watch "Rhino Day" LIVE

Watch "Rhino Day" LIVE

Sept 22nd 12:30pm on Africam.com

Watch Rhino Day LIVE

Africam in conjunction with the WWF are bringing global awareness to the poaching epidemic that is swooping Southern Africa.

Rhino poaching has always been a threat but has increased dramatically over the last year-and-a half fuelled by demand for the horn from the Asian market. South Africa, a proud stronghold of the African black and white rhino with more than 80% of the world’s population, has been losing 20 animals a month. In the last five years about 600 rhinos have been poached across the African continent.

There used to be hundreds of thousands of rhino throughout Africa. Today Southern Africa is home to the majority of Africa's surviving rhino. Approximately 4000 black rhino and 20 000 white rhino are all that prevent Africa’s rhinos from sliding over the brink, into extinction.

On 22 September RHINO DAY calls on all concerned citizens of the world to dust off their vuvuzelas, toot their horns and to make as much noise as possible (1pm CAT) as a symbolic act to send a powerful message to leaders that the time to take serious and effective action against rhino poaching is now.

If you can't blow your vuvuzela or horn then join us at 12:30pm CAT for the buildup on our rhino video tribute channel.  You can access the channel by clicking on the "rhino button" on our front page console. Then click over to the "Nkorho" and "Elephant Plains" cams at  1:00pm for the live event with the blowing of our vuvuzaela.

Attend The Rhino Day Event on Facebook - CLICK HERE

Help Save Rhinos In The Wild - CLICK HERE to make a donation through the World Wildlife Fund