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Watch "Rhino Day" LIVE

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Watch "Rhino Day" LIVE

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Wednesday, September 22 · 12:30pm

Rhino Day was created to bring world wide awareness to the Rhino poaching epidemic that is raging through Southern Africa. Africam in conjunction with the WWF will be celebrating world Rhino Day LIVE on the 22nd September on the Nkorho camera. So join us from 12:30pm CAT for the build up cumulating in the blowing of the vuvuzela.

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I love the wildlife dearly,

I love the wildlife dearly, the Rhino are magnificent animals and to slaughter them the way they do is Barbaric and horrific to the animal, shame on you white or black people.




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Today  Wednesday 22

Today  Wednesday 22 September . RHINO - DAY .

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I added it on my Facebook

I added it on my Facebook profile and on my blog ....

If everyone tries to post it to as many as she/he can ..then it would be really good ...for the Rhinos ...

Even if you can't watch tomorrow ..try to share at ...just for awareness...The pictures above ...tell more than any other words ...

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