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Watering Hole Q&A

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Watering Hole Q&A

Hello to the Bomites,


As suggested, we have set up this location for Q and A’s concerning our streaming cameras (Nkorho Pan & Elephant Plains) and the Sabi Sand private game reserve that the cameras are located in. So feel free to ask questions about the cams, the wildlife involved, the terrain or anything involving the reserve itself. In addition, we will try to keep you updated with posts concerning current events that our going on in the reserve. We will try to answer all of your questions as soon as we can.



edited by Katja to add:

Please use the Nkorho Q&A topic for questions about Nkorho Bush Lodge and the wildlife that frequents the area.

Thanks! Smiling


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Please use the Nkorho Q&A topic for questions about Nkorho Bush Lodge and the wildlife that frequents the area.

Thanks! Smiling

roland (not verified)
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Wild Dreamer wrote:

Josh, have Aardwolves been spotted in the area around Nkorho ? Or more specifically around the WH. I was wondering if it is possible that some of the smaller "Hyaena " that we see at night could possibly be Aardwolves. Sometimes if they pass thru on the upper side of the WH it is hard to judge the size, etc.

Also, what about the Bat Eared Fox ?


Hi Wild Dreamer

The guides here havnt seen Aardwolf for a long time. The one guide has been here for 2yrs and not seen 1. Aardwolfs are much smaller than hyenas. They weigh between 8-12kg and are between 40-50cm in height. I have had some luck in seeing 4 in 9yrs. They are not seen often.. Im not saying its impossible for you to have seen one(thats one of the cool things about the bush-you never know what you might see), but we will somehow have to make a positive I.D.

The bat-eared fox lives in the Somali-Masai arid zone to central Tanzania and the south west arid zone of southern Africa; in low-rainfall areas. We had excellent sightings of them in a reserve I worked in further west- cute little guys... Cheers for now


roland (not verified)
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cynthiab wrote:

ditto AZ's question.

We were fairly sure we heard roars this morning. Do they appear to be resting in the area a bit or moving on through?

Hi Cynthiab

Sorry the reply is late-almost up to date. If you have some audio of that night I can confirm. Now that the new laptop is almost up and running(sorting out a few wireless/software necessities), I can store daily/nightly information in it. Two nights ago we heard a leopard calling not far to the west of the pool deck; and yesterday we saw Nzile around the corner at the bush braai site- lovely sighting,he was sniffing around and marking territory. Cheers for now


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azlady13 wrote:

Josh, we weren't home for a live update on the pride of lionesses MJ and I saw this afternoon. Could you update here for us lost souls?

We really enjoyed the live marula tree/hyena/leopard reporting!

Thank you very much!

(Could you just stay up 24/7 and be prepared at all times to run at full speed to see what's happening? We're getting spoiled! )

Hi azLady13

Two separate lioness sightings come to mind. The first one being the Nkaluhmas. Three females and the dominant male were seen in the morning. They were very skittish due to the violent confrontation with the Mpogos. They havnt been seen for a few days. I will find out where they were last seen and headed. At least they havnt been tormented by the Mpogos for the last 6 days. I was told that only 3 of the Mpogos killed an adult giraffe which all of them have been feeding on for the last week. It was killed about 15m from a waterhole, proving how vulnerable they are when drinking- having to get themselves into a very awkward position in order to reach the water. The 6th Mpogo has joined for the feast. It was an incredible sight to see how they gorged themselves and how they "disassembled" the carcass. To have seen the kill would have been magic(sad; but to witness the power and strength involved...).   

The other sighting was of a video clip I saw briefly. I recall there being 4/5 lionesses at night. I dont know who they are- will watch it again. Three Styx females were seen 2 days ago in the west-Safari(Arathusa).  Please let me know if you have a different sighting in mind. Cheers for now


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This may seem like a strange question josh but if i never make it as a zoologist i would quite like to become a ranger in africa maybe and i was wondering what qualifications you need and what training you have to do? thanks dan! Smiling



roland (not verified)
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suzy wrote:

Hello, I have only recently found this Q and A thread.What a geat idea it is,thank you.

Can you tell me if there is any news on what happened to that Wilder beast that was having problems giving birth? I was wondering if the baby was born in the end or if maybe Mother and baby both died. 

Hi Suzy

I went walking around the area  where she ran off to, but did not find any remains of her or the calf. The weather for those few days was not very conducive to attracting many scavengers(it was fairly cool so the smell doesnt carry well. I think it also rained shortly afterwards). My guess is that the calf didnt make it. I was told that a reason why it couldnt come out was that the hoof/foot may have twisted inside; or the umbilical cord might have wrapped around an appendage. The length of time(over 3hrs) that the calf was caught in that position- halfway or three-quarters of the way out- is what leads me to believe it could not have lived. With that said, I would have thought complications to arise for the mother as well. Im going to ask around what the chances of the mother making it are. We have had so much hyena activity here that carcasses would be disposed of quickly. The wildebeest and/or her calf did not come back to the herd. All these factors point towards a very unfortunate possibility that both of them didnt make it. Cheers for now


cynthiab (not verified)
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A top day to you, Josh.

I have a question. I get the impression that infanticide isn't as prevalent in the leopard community as lions. Is that true or a misassumption? Does their preference to live a solitary life have an effect on the infant death death from infanticide ?

tks again. Smiling

Tinkerbell53 (not verified)
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Hi Josh,


You talked about the cape buffalo having a disease. Other animals ate the meat, can they also get the disease? Thank you.


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 josh - could you   measure the  cape buffalo skull-

tip to tip      --        and approximate weight  -

do you ever send   a tooth off  to  collage  to have the age of animal

dated ?  -  usuually they would like a fresh tooth  with meat on it

for acurate  data to age animal

                                     thanks  barry

karen-inVA (not verified)
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This was shared with us by Sabine the day this new thread was created....

As before with the Watering Hole Q&A, this thread has been created for all members to ask questions they might have that relate to our streaming cams (Nkorho & Elephant Plains) and the Sabi Sand private game reserves that the cameras are located in. Please relate your questions to the wildlife, terrain or the reserves.

To make this thread as user friendly as possible, we ask that you follow some simple guidelines and rules.

  • Please post questions only. Josh will have a much easier time answering your questions when he can find them handily. All non-question posts will be moved or removed so there is less clutter.
  • Please use the default font and colour when posting your questions. All of Josh’s answers will be edited to a reader friendly colour so that his posts stand out and are easier to find.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. The guidelines & rules may change from time-to-time as we go. Please check back regularly for any up-dates.

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