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We are back

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We are back

Hello friends we are back on the Boma.  but we are everyday on africam from 1998  to see the cams  We are here from the beginning and will say Hello to Gerda, Cerinthe, Katja enz 

and if you will see old stuff ( not all the links works anymore) please go to

here you can find also "The 11 Commandments of the "old"  "Boma"  LOL  

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Joined: Mar 14 2006

Welcome back to Africam Herma and Ton!

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Joined: Oct 16 2005

Welcome Back Ton and Herma!!

Good to have you back and I thought to first look at all those links you gave, but I will do that in time.

I hope to see you one day again and I mean for real.

Ms Charlie (not verified)
Anonymous's picture please come and Join Ranger Campbell on his first campout in the bush and under the stars Dec 4th. Hope you will enjoy this.


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Joined: Feb 17 2006

Welcome back, Herma and Ton! Smiling

Thanks a lot for the link.  

Gerda (not verified)
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Hello Ton and Herma Smiling

Good to see you again !

and thanks for the link, lotsa memories there Smiling, love the 11 commandments !

Looking forward seeing you again on the boma !



Tabs (not verified)
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Welcome Back Ton & Herma - It's really great to see you here again! Laughing

Many of the pages on the link that you provided no longer work - but Naomi and Nancy's pages do.... and I enjoyed re-visiting their pics from as far back as 1999 - and seeing pics taken by Bruce & Shirley, Alan, Hilton (Essie's Brother) and other 'old' Africammers, who no longer come here for 'various' reasons.

Whatever happened to them all? I am still in touch with Essie & Hilton, among many other old africammers, but I have lost touch with some. 

You will, of course, remember the many successful meets in SA and Europe, and all the cammers (+/- 50 people) that were there? My all time favourite meet was at the Olive Grove in early May 2001 - because that was the time that I met you two - and it was also the time that Essie and Antorika became very special friends to me.

I visit Ant every time that I go to SA - and I try to visit Essie and other Joburg/PTA friends too.

It would be great to have another meet with you some day.

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